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    chest excersice..

    my arms and shouler got big past 5 month but i still havent seen big gain on my chest.. sometime i feel like overtrain on my chest day or i feel more sore on shoulder after chest workout..
    i hit chest once a week and do DB flat bench 3x, incline bench press 3x
    pec deck 3x cable cross over 3x
    and next week i do - DB incline press 3 x , incline DB flyes 3x, pec deck 3x, close grip bench 3x..

    give me some advice on chest excersice and what i must do to gain more mass in my chest..

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    lol ur first workout is pretty much my EXACT WORKOUT!! n ive seen great strength gains, but i guess not really size, but i am much more defined, this could mean that we need to focus just on flat bench n incline, do heavier weights, and really train to absolute exhaustion on every set, maybe try something liek this
    2 warm ups on dumbell flat
    flat bench x8 x6 x6
    incline bench x 8 x6 x6
    Decline bench same
    Really exhaust ur chest on these 3, i mean every set to absolute exhaustion

    then maybe u can add a cable fly here if u want to, or even a weighted dip, its pretty similar to ur workout now just lower the reps, go heaveier, and RIP THE SHIT out of ur chest every time, ABSOLUT EXHAUSTION!!! hope this helps, dont forget to get ur diet it check, if ur bulkig make sure u get enough cals/carbs/pro n fat

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    Quote Originally Posted by hrodss7
    or i feel more sore on shoulder after chest workout..
    u just answer your own question...your probably a "delt presser" and u need to focus more on clocking your shoulders back and against the seat pad, and concentrate on lifting the weight solelly with your chest...

    i had the same problem, and it was very frustrating . let your ego at the door, slightly lower your weight and perform the reps in a more controlled weight concentartion on your chest

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    on the 1st workout cut out the crossovers and on the 2nd workout cut out the pecdeck. 1/2 your workout is flyes, if your in the habit of stretching very deep on the neg, while performing the flyes, you might be placing undo stress on your pec tendon. this would cause your front delt area to burn the next day. concentrate more on your pressing movements, cut back your total sets to 10, and keep your reps above 8 for about 4 weeks. let us know how it works out.
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    lol im not telling :D
    yep like juicy said and try to flex your chest at the peak of the concentric motion. and arch your back like a mofo keeping your ass on the bench to try and iso the pects.

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