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Thread: nailed chest

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    i never leave the gym

    nailed chest


    yesterday was chest

    one of the holder guys in the gym spotted me at the end of my workout

    which was

    incline db press
    flat bb press
    incline flyes
    cable crossovers

    he took me back to the bench

    loaded up what was close to what i had been working out on previously

    then he had me to do a set till failure, then he took of 40 pounds and had me do another set till failure, all the way down to the bar.

    but when i couldnt lift the bar anymore he lifted the bar up and got me to lower the bar as slowly as i could....

    it was ****in intense

    he called it drop set to negative

    anyone heard of it, coz i can barely type

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    I have used it before. It's a very funny feeling when you can't even press a 45 bar. It's a high intensity technique that I would use on my last set of bench presses, seated shoulder presses on a machine, etc. You will do a lot of muscle fiber damage, so make sure you have recovered before your next chest workout. With this kind of intensity, you can't train as frequently. It's very effective, though.

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