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    Heart Rate Question

    What is the optimal heart rate percent for fat burning? I read some places 60% to 70% is good and other places I read that 65% to 85% is optimal. Then some sat that 85% is too high and is more aerobic that fat burning. Could someone help me with which is the better of the two. Will I basically get double the results with staying at a HR% for one hour as opposed to a 30 mins or is there an time limit?

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    by all means, I am far from an expert, so take my comments with a grain of salt...without getting too detailed, here is what I have gathered from my research...
    when HR is too high, your body cannot process fat fast enough to meet the demands of your body, in turn your body turns to other sources for energy...which is why they say 65-75% of MRH is the best for fat burning...which is below the aerobic zone...
    1hr vs 30min duration will allow you to burn more calories, which in turn means burn more fat...but doesnt guarantee "double" the results...
    Most say that fat burning doesnt begin until 20-25min into the cardio 30min would be benificial but most do cardio for the 45-60min range with good results.

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