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    Beginner Tips (Flat Bench Press Alternatives)

    It seems like a lesson on bench pressing consists more of the "doníts" than the "do's."

    Don't bounce. Don't squirm. Don't arch. Don't hold your breath.

    Well, don't worry.

    Once you've decided the most important element of working out - to get your butt into the gym and just 'do' it - you've already won half the battle.

    So, here are a few different bench press variations that you should 'do' - a few alternatives that will help you to develop the ever-important pectoralis major.

    Dumbbell bench presses:
    These can be performed at the three various settings: the flat bench version, the decline version, and the incline version. The main benefit of dumbbell presses, as opposed to barbell presses, is the increased range of motion. You're able to drop your elbows beneath your torso for a more extensive stretch during the negative portion of the exercise. Then, at the point of contraction, you are able to do something that you cannot do with barbell presses. You can add a slight twist, turning your palms inward,
    providing for a more intense and stimulating contraction.

    Smith machine bench presses:
    The chief benefit of this exercise is that it allows you to concentrate solely on form. Because of the machine regulating the motion, you're not performing a circus-like balancing act during the activity. Straight up and
    straight down is exactly where the bar will go. And for this reason, the Smith machine is a good tool if you like performing the excruciatingly slow negatives, allowing for the pectorals to tear up considerably during the bar's descent. If you find difficulty in keeping your back straight on the bench, it's okay to lift your legs off the floor during the exercise.

    Seated machine presses:
    Once again, this machine, in which the range of motion is a horizontal one as opposed to a vertical one, will allow you to stress your attention on attaining the proper form. While some will contend that you cannot pack on mass with such a machine, many experts will suggest otherwise. Also, on the seated bench press machine, you won't be inclined to arch your back while struggling through the range of motion.

    Make these a part of your own, personal basic training. These are great to couple in with another exercise, say dumbbell flyes. At the end of your set of flyes, try putting your feet up on a bench, and then your hands on
    another bench. Crank out a set of push-ups and your chest will really feel it. To hit the upper portion of your chest, put your hands onto the floor while leaving your feet on a bench. These do not necessarily have to be
    performed as part of a super set. Push-ups, especially in high quantities, are also a great exercise for toning the chest.

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    Good post, I love to do pushups and situps during TV commercials. They add up quick.

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    Good post, bro. I've even quit flat bench bar workouts. I do inlcine only with a bar and flat with dumbells. I find that flat makes my wrists cramp up.

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