Hi, I've been training for about 6 months now and I would like some advice on how to rewrite my training split. Currently I'm at 5'10 211 lbs and about 18% bf, I'm looking to cut down and possibly gain some more lean muscle mass.. My friend started me out in weightlifting and has me on a 2 day a week per body part program.. I'll write it out for you guys to critique..

1. Flat BB bench 4x sets 10-8-6-4
2.Incline Flies
3.Pec Flies
4.Cable Pushdowns
6. Close grip bench press

Tuesday:Legs and Biceps
2.Leg extensions
3.Hamstring curls ?? not sure of name
4. Leg press
5. some type of calf workout
6.standing db curls
7.Hammer curls
9. Cable curls

Wednesday: Back/shoulders
2.upright bb rows
3.Hammer strength machine rows
4. db rows
5.military press
6.bb shrugs
7. shoulder lateral raises

Thursday:Same as monday
Friday: Same as Tuesday
Saturday:Same as wednesday
Sunday:day of rest

I was wondering if anyone could improve on our split, we both would appreciate it greatly. Also, i was wondering how bad an exercise should hurt before you know you have completely taxed the muscle. Usually i guaged it by how pumped my muscles were but recently i read that this isn't the best way to know whether hypertrophy will occur or not. Thanks to everyone who helps us out. Bye