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    How do you use your mind to break pain barrier

    It's a fundamental understanding that cognition mediates Pain. That is, the way one thinks about pain must have a relationship to how one copes (or fails to cope) with it. On the other hand, some people may not feel pain as intensely as others. This is probably an individual differences issue. In my case, it hurts very badly. I'm feeling it and it's unbearable. Yet, I'm able to reach failure and beyond by breaking it down into units (i.e., single reps). It's as if after each rep, I reset myself as the pain up to that point is behind me and there's only one "last" rep. So, I lie to myself by saying, "just this one rep" and that goes on until I literally fail. I also feel channell a deep feeling of anger at the pain. When I don't feel that anger I sometimes puss out. What do you do to surmount the pain? I'm sure there's some pretty creative thinking out there.
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    I honestly never knew how powerful my mind was until i repelled off a 890' cliff. I know that it doesnt have anything to do with lifting, but i used to be afraid of heights and i decided to cure that by repelling with my friends off a gigantic rock face. Everything my body told me was to not do it, but i ended up making myself go over the edge, and i am so glad i did. Ever since then repelling and rock climbing has been my second favorite hobby.

    As far as lifting goes, i believe it's 90% mental and 10% physical. For example, i usually do 235 for 10 reps on my first set on bench with out much of a problem, but monday i was all f'd up in the head after a break up with a gf and i only got 235 for 3. Theres no way possible that i didn't have the strength to put these up, it had to be in my mind.

    Another example was when i had to sit in for a second session for a large tattoo on my back. The second session was only a month after the first, not giving it enough time to heal, which was half my artists fault and half ignorance on my part. It was the worste 2 hours of my life. The bandage was soaked through with blood 15 mins after it was put on. Anyone that has tattoo's, knows that this shouldn't happen. Tattoo's bleed, but they should never soak the bandage through. At one point i thought I was going to pass out, but i didntgive up and i just focused on removing the the pain. I know that sounds weird, but i clenched my fist and my jaw and i really tried to see the pain leaving in my mind, and it became clear, and the next thing i knew i was done with it.

    In conclusion, pain is in your mind, if you push it out, it isn't there. I don't know if this is the case with all people, but it is with me.

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    i just keep telling myself its all mental and hype myself up to get through it. the mind is a powerful thing.

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    my gf cheated on me once, i think about seeing that kid on the street one day, and just breaking his bones

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    since i seen a training vid of big ron, now i say "light weight" nice and loud, get metally pumped to toss it up and then do it. i see alot of dudes in the gym that are their goin through the motions.. me on the other hand, i get pumped on the way to the gym so by the time im there im flyin high and wanting to destroy some steel, to me its very important to go there not thinkin bout anything else but movin plates.

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    Well, there is going to be pain when breaking down the body. However you have to understand that the pain is not permanent. I tell myself that I'm at the gym for a reason, and there are things to endure in order to get to my goals.

    "I have 14 reps, lets get rolling"

    Of course, I've come to the realization that what you get out of life depends on what your put into it and how hard you push yourself to get to the top of ANYTHING you do. Lifting weights is a test of pure result. If you are truely dedicated to getting what you want, you will do your best.
    If you lazy yourself through lifting, then you will get nowhere, such as other aspects of life. However if you keep lifting and stay content then you will be successful such as life.

    Giving up reps/ giving up in life = getting nowhere.

    So the basis of how you lift and determined you are in the weight room, is also appplied to how hard you work in life.
    And the more you practice pushing yourself to the top, in ANY aspect (such as weights, or a career) will help build the basis of the person you are to be.

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