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    my workout (plz comment/help)

    i used to workout a bunch in highschool. i got my bench pretty high for someone my size. since then college has turned me into a beer drinking, tail chasing, lazy bum. i'm back into working out (on week 6 now) and i want results, damnit!

    i'd like to share my stats, workout, and diet and i'd like to hear yall's opinion. also, keep in mind that i want huge biceps and chest...although they are both kinda week points for me, i'm determined to get them big.

    8-5-3 means three sets of eight reps, then five reps, then three reps, usually middle and/or last set is to failure.

    22 years old, 5'8'', 145lbs

    day 1:
    bench 8-5-3
    incline or decline bench 8-5-3
    cable or machine flys 8-5-3
    3 different tricep exercises each 8-5-3
    3x25 incline situps

    day 2:
    3 different back exercises 8-5-3
    4-5 different bicep exercises 8-5-3
    5x25 crunches

    day 3:
    4-5 different leg exercises 8-5-3
    shrugs 8-5-3
    same chest routine as day 1
    3x25 leg raises

    day 4:
    same bi routine as day 2
    5x25 ab machine

    smoothie (25g protein)
    meaty spagetti (20g protein?)
    meaty spagetti (20g protein?)
    eggwhite omlett (30g protein)
    steamed veggies
    eggwhite omlett (30g protein)

    i've been doing this for about 6 weeks now. no six pack, no huge biceps, no huge chest. whats the deal?? =)

    am i overworking my bi's and chest? they don't stay sore for more than a day, so i figured putting them on a two day cycle is fine. also, what do yall think about the 8-5-3 routine? am i not doing enough reps? i am using a lot of weight, i usually fail on the middle and/or last set. i haven't gained any weight either since i've started...arg.

    thanks a ton for the help,

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    welcome bro
    first i like the 8-5-3 reps scheme i think its perfect and i follow something simular
    second when you are sore for a day then the next day not sore then its the next day before growth starts--recover before growth--sore just because not sore dont mean not growing
    third your workout looks pretty good except that 4th day bis and cable flys --you got to have steak before you can cut it--cables cut so drop them and do dumb bell flys

    i follow a 3 day per week mon-wed-fri training
    chest-shoulders-tris on mon
    back-traps-bis on wed
    legs on fri
    as i have told many people on the board that when i started training i was 151lbs,many years later of 5-6 day per week training i was at 200lb area. i dropped to 4-5 days training and went to 220 area. then i dropped to 3 days per week and i'm at 242 and getting hard and very lean.(also 5'10")
    i think you would do good with a 4 day training i would do
    day 1 chest-shoulders
    day 2 back-traps
    day 3 arms
    day 4 legs
    or 3 day per week
    day 1 chest-shoulders-tris
    day 2 back-traps-bis
    day 3 legs
    it takes a while to see really noticable gains espically if your clean-dont get discourged and keep doing what your doing with possibly those suggestions
    pm me if you need to i'll give you my entire workout

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