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Thread: maxing out ?

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    willman39 is offline New Member
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    Sep 2002

    Question maxing out ?

    Does anyone out there have any advise on how to go about preparing for a max out day on bench ? I have never really tried to max out before and I am kind of unsure on how to prep my muscles good but not make them so tired that my max is deminished. Any advise is greatly appreciated !

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    KeyMastur is offline VET
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    Warm them up properly with some light to moderate weight. Then put on some moderate weight and do a few more reps, but do not burn yourself out (3-5). Just keep adding weight until you feel comfortable. A lot of it is mental as well - which could lead to a difference in 10-15 lbs.

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    go to the seach, and look for big kev's routine....he has a nice way for maxing out....its not really for maxing out but its the same idea.

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