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    abs 6pack, lost weight, got extra skinn on stomach, help,

    Im not fat, but had a 'beer belly' or a 'lifters belly'.. I just starting doing sit ups constinly, and been dieting really good. Now I lost the inches in my waist, but it seems like I got extra skin and thats preventing me from getting a perfect 6 pack? What can I do about that extra skin, theres not alot, but I dont want it or need it.. Will it just go away if I still diet?? Or will I have to make my abs huge to fill in the skin so I can have a ripped 6pack???

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    your loose skin is problem many bodybuilders have or even non bodybuilders, it usually comes from looseing weight too quickly. Our skin is like an elastic band dont worry if its just loose skin and not fat it will tighten up eventually. keep doing cardio and good abb work outs. I have heard of a product called ripping gel which is supposed to help tighten your skin up. but its expensive and probaly bogus product. keep working hard and you will soon see that perfect 6 pack u have always wanted.

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    theres a product called thiomucase....a small company in france makes it. Its a spot dioretic that "supposedly" takes the water and fat cells away from the area you apply it....taking away unwanted fat and making your skin alot tighter. I haven't taken the product but I am planning on it when i start cutting. Also its $15 and will last for almost a month.

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