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    Sleep during training

    Hi I am new to this board and have a question that someone with a definite answer can reply to,

    I know that as bodybuilders we require 8hours at least of quality sleep for our muscles to recuperate, although does the time that we go to sleep matter. For example I sleep at 2:00 am on average but still get at least 9hrs sleep, is it better to go to sleep earlier as the body releases growth hormone at specific times of the day?

    thank you

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    DOESNT MATTER AS LONG AS UR ON UR OWN SET SCHEDULING AND GETTIN THAT 9hrs SLEEP! I myself go to bed at 8am and sleep till 3-4-5pm, wake up, eat breakfast, go train, eat, go to work, eat twice, come home and eat, go to bed! Hope that helped. BIG-G

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    wouldn't you like to know
    i ususally get about 7 hours, but i also take two naps during the day.
    One in the morning after my run, and one after training in the afternoon.

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    I agree, it doesn't matter when, just as long as you get the full 8+ hours of sleep.

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    I wish I could sleep for 8 hours. I usually run on about 6 but not by choice. I usually hit the pillow around 12am and sleep till 6:00am, I still wake up about 4 times during that period(eating one or two times). I seem to grow OK but than again, theirs always that wonder of how much more progress could of been made with adequate sleep.

    I say sleep as long as the body will let you. With that much sleep you should be golden

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