Are traps a fast recovering muscle? If so do they compare to abs, delts, and calfs, for recovery rate? The program my football coach has me on does a 2 and 2 day a week workout. Start on monday go tuesday, rest wednesday, go thursday friday. I am kind of worried about the emphasis on working shoulders and neck (traps)!

On monday we will do a lift such as hang clean or push press
(usually 4x5 50%, 55%, 60%, 65% for each set) <note we only do one or the other exercise>

then tuesday we will do side/front raises and shoulder shrugs
(usually 3x10 each)

. It is the similar workout on thur./fri. Is this bad because I am most deffainnantly worried about over training? My shoulders do seem to get bigger from this split but then again it could be the newness of me working real serious and better diet. Also is there a specific name for this method of training? Any answers can and will be appreciated! thanks a bunch!