Hello folks,

I've been a long time reader, but never really got around to posting till now. I decided to post b/c the inof on thi board is better than a lot of other sites out htere, so here goes....

I'm currentyl in thie middle of my biggest cycle to date ( although I think some of has truned out to be fake!), I've been trianing for almost 5 years, and have developed a significant core strength. However, my results over the past several months have been slightl lacking, I haven;t put on the size or definion I would have liked, and I was wondering if perhaps I may be overtrianing. I've been told that it's VERY VERY hard to overtrain while cycling, but nonetheless, I'm experiencing many of the common symptoms.

I lift between 4-6 days/week, until now it's been a mass building cycle do the weight has been pretty heavy, and the calorie count pretty high. Is that too much? any suggestions? how can I be sure? If I take a few days off, will that seriously affect my progress (given the cycle)? any other comments?

looking forward to some advice