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Thread: Dogcrap routine

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    Dogcrap routine

    I have currently been using the Dogcrap routine for working out and i've naturally gained 11 pounds. Recently i have decided that i wanted to get cut up for the summer, and have decided to use clenbuterol and eca stak. My goal is to one day have abs, and i am not really fat, but i do have a layer on my lower abs and my love handles. I was wondering should i do a dogcrap routine for abs, and what type of cardio is necessary to do without losing muscle. I suffer from shin splints also, so i was wondering what would be the most effiecient exercise for me because i am hard worker and would love to see results. Thank You and hope that you guys can give me some helpful advice

    -Many recieve advice onlt the wise profit by it

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    ABS- On DC's routine, some ppl don't do abs at all, and thats fine. If you want you can add in a set of abs at the end, I would just keep it to one straight set if you're cutting, and I would recommend whatever ab exercise(s) you choose for abs, that u use wted exercises. Remember to stretch your abs also.

    I would also use straight sets with the static instead of using the rest pause for all your exercises while cutting.

    cardio- 45 min walking on an empty stomach, 60 if you hit a plateau

    Thats pretty much everything that DC recommends on his routine, if you have any more specific questions or hit a plateau, feel free to ask.

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