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    Become a millionaire

    Ok now that I have your attention, let me provoke your thoughts.

    Allegedly there will be time travel in the future at some point. This has been debated for ages but let's assume that there will be. For you people that have children take them to the side when they are old enough to understand what you are telling them and give him/her the following order...

    "If time travel becomes available in your life time I want you to get the lottery numbers (or other money making scheme of your choice) for wednesdays lottery and bring them to me and leave them (area of your choice). However if time travel does not happen in your life time then you must pass this message on to your child."

    Theoretically this should work, provided your child doesn't screw it up. Sit back, let it sink in, it will make sense... good luck
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    Yeah, but if you have done this-then you would be a millionare right now.

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    Damn I dont have any kids so i'm screwed.

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    Has someone been watching too much "Back To The Future?"

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