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    Can't view forum WTF!!!!!

    Well some people may have noticed that i have not been around for a while...probably not...but I would like to think that they have! Anyway, I switched ISP's from charter to at&t dsl and now i can no longer view the forum at my house! I had toi wait three weeks until college started to be able to bring my comp. to school and get on here! WTF! This really sucks! I can't get on this site hardly at all now and you guys are great! I have searched other forums but none compare to this. Everyone is so much more mature on here than other sites....I have been places wherfe there are 4 straight pages of two or three guys flaming each other and telling each other that they don't have what it takes to be a BB! I love this site and want back...damnit

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    you should post this in the computer forum also.

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    Sounds like a DNS issue. I would first clear your home PC's DNS cache to make that that there are no conflicting DNS records between your old ISP and your new ISP.

    From a command prompt, type the following:

    Try to access the site. If it fails to work, then try it this way from an Internet browser:

    Good luck,

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