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    The Crap On Dr. Phil...wrong???

    ....just watching dr. phil and the show is on child molesters and how they target kids.....dr. phil is interviewing this molester. his point is to show parents what to look for if their kids start to act strange around a certain adult or just overal strange behavior...welll the molester was describing his acts and my opinion is he got waaay to graphic.. i mean WAAAAAAAY TOOOOOOO graphic..anyone else see this??..too many tv talk shows i think exploit children....

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    Sometimes the dirty truth is what people need to help open their eyes. We live in a world of denial and too many people have the it-won't-happen-to-me attitude. Education isn't always pretty, but its necessary in cases like this. I don't have kids, but when I do I'd welcome the graphic description if its going help me do a better job of protecting them.

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    I saw that show ifrom a different point of view.

    I learned alot looking into the face of monster. a I think that it is important to get that info out, but i do worry it will go to far and jerry springer will be interviewing them next..

    I respect Dr. Phil but you must remember that its TV at the end of the day.

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