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    computer help from the pros please :)

    I need some help, my secondary hard drive died a couple of days ago and I just realized I have some important data on there that's missing from my primary drive. It is an external drive that I used to back up all my important shit.

    Anyway it is making that infamous clicking sound and the bios or windows doesn't recognize it. I tried the freezer trick, and tapping it gently but no luck. Is there anyway to get it to work for just a little bit so I can recover my data?

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    You're likely going to have to buy another external enclosure and move the actual drive to it. Most externals that die aren't having troubles with the actual drive they're having problems with something else in the drive like the electronics to power everything, control the drive, and provide USB or Firewire.

    Be warned though, in most cases taking the enclosure apart voids your warranty.

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