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    Molested By a Gay Man Part 2

    Just playin', you older guys would appreciate that (Bastards...). Anyways, I'm just wondering how your guys's experience with long-distance relationships have worked out... I know I'm probably going to get a lot of negative feedback, but some positive ones or tips to keep the flame going would be great. I'm doing a good job so far, but you never know...

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    I had one that only lasted about 8 months. It just can't work as much as you try it will eventually fail, sorry. I almost regret it now because it cost me thousands of dollars flying to California from Michigan all the time to try and make it work.

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    How long are you talking about? I was in one where we lived about 200 miles apart. It actually wasn't bad at all, it keeps things fresh not seeing each other ALL the time. Eventually it may take its toll if you guys don't move closer, but you can definitely make it workout for a while. Again, I'm talking about a distance that can be traveled in a few hours, not across the country. That of course would never work out, lol.

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    doesnt work in my experience. too much stress on the relationship. i wont try doing one again.

    (almost had me going at the title )

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    When I read the title and saw the poster, I thought your new video was out.
    I can see a long distance, somewhat casual relationship working for a while, but not a serious exclusive relationship, not for any length of time.

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    i knew this girl who lived in New Mexico and was a flight attendant. Every couple months she would stop and spend the weekend with me. This went on for a couple years. It was just about sex and thats it. If I was dating someone she wouldnt come but soon as i was single. she was making round trips lol. then she got layed off and that was the end of that.

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    I worked in a field that demands that your away from your family for long periods 4 months away, 2 weeks home, year in year out. I have never been married but a few of the guys were, all i can say is my old work has one of the highest divorce rates there is.. what happens is you both just start living different lives, it just happens. One friend had been doing this work for 19 years, he said when he got home to his family and kids it was like he was a stranger, after 1 week he wanted to leave..... Maybe not what you wanted to hear but it just seems to be the way it is...sorry
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    Well its going to be hard for this gay man to molest you in a long distance relationship, but its possible. You guys can work it out.

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    ^^^yeah JIGGA LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by JiGGaMaN View Post
    Well its going to be hard for this gay man to molest you in a long distance relationship, but its possible. You guys can work it out.
    good call.

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