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    Progress Time Frame

    Assuming a strict diet and proper training how long would you say it takes to see a significant change in body composition?

    I'm 5'7", 195 Pounds, and between 17% - 20% bodyfat.

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    all things being equal if you are training correctly,diet is right you should start to see some results within 3months

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    Everybody is different but me I agree with olderfella. In 3 months if I had been hitting the booze and eating waffle house, if I cut all that shit out and get on lifting and cardio, I look like a different person after 3 months. To me its just as much about cardio and diet as it is about lifting if your goal is to look good. You can't just kick ass in the gym unless you like that PL look. You have to kick ass in every aspect that you can.

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    Everyones different. You could see results in a couple weeks or a couple months. Best way to see results is to take photos every two weeks and compare. You see yourself everyday so it's hard to see results in the mirror sometimes.

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