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    Texas A&M Player Busted

    I feel sorry for him. Probably fucked his career for good.

    COLLEGE STATION, Texas (AP) -- Texas A&M basketball player Andy Slocum will spend the summer in jail for steroid possession.

    Slocum, a 7-foot, 265-pound A&M junior, was formally sentenced to 90 days in jail Thursday for two misdemeanor drug possession charges. He will begin serving his term on June 2.

    "It appears you are being shown some leniency by the state," District Judge Rick Davis told Slocum of the plea agreement, which prosecutors said was adequate.

    Slocum was arrested on Jan. 18 when police found a bag of syringes and vials in his truck. He as originally charged with third-degree felony steroid possession, which could have resulted in 10 years in prison.

    Prosecutors later agreed to reduce the charges and Slocum was suspended indefinitely from the basketball team.

    In addition to the jail time, Slocum will be placed on probation for a year, pay a $500 fine and perform 50 hours of community service.

    "You are at a fork in the road," Davis said. "I fully expect you to reform your conduct. This is unacceptable."

    Defense attorney Jim James said Slocum is a "wonderful kid" who he hopes "can get on with his life."

    Back surgery kept Slocum off the court during the first seven games of the season this past season. He also missed the entire 2000-01 season because of a shoulder injury.

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    That really suxs!


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    It amazes me how the "Florida State Criminoles" can get away with so much yet this guy gets busted with gear and his sentence is worse than most of the other thug athletes.

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    whaqtever.... he was an athelete they made an example of him...

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    That is soo lame bros!

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    COLLEGE STATION POLICE FORCE DONT FUCK AROUND!!! when they catch you ur fucked..

    3 years ago i was up ther seeing my gf at the time we had stopped to pick up a few wine collers and a 12 pack of shiner bock.. I'll never forget this we are walking across the street to go to my buddy's house to watch the game my hands are fool of snacks and the 12 pack so i have her carry the 4 pack of wine coolers and all of a sudden a 2 undercover cops come racing out of there black SUV telling us to put the bags down asked for my girls id and mine.. they ended up writting her a ticket for minor in possesion.....(for walking across the fucking street with a 4 pack of unopened bottles then threated me about giving me a contributing to minors ticket)
    oh well moral of the story.. dont get caught in College Station..

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    I knew that name sounded familiar. I played basketball against him when I was in high school. He played for West Monroe High School, one of our biggest high school rivals. That is just odd.

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    I was at some frat party with 800 students at college station last year the cops didnt even show up.

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