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    is this legal what my resturant did.

    i work at a resturant. i was a call in that day so i called at 5 to see if i had to work at 6 the lady said to call back at 6 so i did she said well we will call you if u are still home later if we need you is that ok with you she said. i did not have any plans that night so i was like sure why not if i get called at 7 or 7:30 i figured i would be closing of coarse and i would get 2 or 3 hours cause i figured that would be alright since i did not have any other plans. Well i get called in at 7:15 i show up at work it was busy for a while then i calmed down were there was hardly no business so she told me to go home. i only worked 88 minutues! That was not worth my time nor gas. Is that legal to only for me for 88 minutes? this is in the state of washington. the pay is minimum wage so it was not worth my time or gas to me. is this legal?

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    In California, you have to get paid for at least 3 hours (might be more) But thats the law her in CA.

    Call the local labor board office.


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    I want to say the same is true in Massachusetts for an hourly employee. Unless it was some kind of union agreement or something to that effect, every time I got "called in" on my summer jobs, we got three hours pay even if it was only twenty minutes worth of work.

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    I work as a manager at a Burger King during summer/winter breaks in Wisconsin here, and I can say that if you were called in, you are not required to get a certain amount of hours or pay. However, if you were SCHEDULED those hours, you must recieve them or the pay equivilant. Call-in shifts do not fall under this category, as you were 'called in' to work x hours at the managers discretion.
    You could inform them that for future reference, you will not come in on a call-in basis unless you either recieve x hours or x hours pay. Get something in writing about this, too, that way if a new manager tries it, just bring up the agreement you have in writing to him/her, or even the RM/GM and you should be compensated.

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