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    Politicians aren't just incompetent, everyone is

    So I was posting on another board and the thread was about giving people the ability to personally allocate their tax pay. Basically you could say there were 10 sectors, and you allotted a percentage of your tax to each section, but it had to be something, not zero. You would get your pay packet, it would show currently what the percentage is, and you can adjust it personally.

    Sounds pretty good on paper? You dont like the government spending 60% on the military, fine, just give them 20%. Want less money to go into Welfare Scheme, fine, adjust accordingly. And so on.

    Except..... do you trust anyone else to be able to do something like this rationally. I mean think about it, at some point EVERYONE has questioned government policy, spending, but would the people be really better? Is everyone responsible enough and educated enough? Do you want people with deep rooted prejustices to make decisions on your behalf? It was made apparent that long term goals would cease to exist. But it's THEIR tax money, THEY can spend it on what they want, right? Except that members of the public are more concerned with their solitary priorities, and they could give a flying shit about society.

    It sounds very democratic in theory but the reality would be horrible and a disaster. Just think how much people on this one forum disagree with each other.

    So the morale of the story seems to be, that depressingly, the only person more incompetent than a politician is the tax payer him/herself. I love the idea of something like this working, but, I just think the majority of people are fvcking idiots tragically.

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    i think this would be problematic to execute a strategy like this. it would increase costs by having to administer ten seperate general funds instead of just a single general fund. Because we chose a republic form of government, we the citizens have lost out on this level of decisioning, and instead, have delegated this decisioning to our representitives, the politicians.

    California is really a fvcked up state to manage because we have so many bullshit laws that tell us what we can and cannot do at a governmental level. The state is basically unmanageable, although none of the politicians will admit it.

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