Last week, got a little drunk. Brought home some slut. No clue what the hell we did. but my neck was out in the morning when I woke up.

there's no stiffness, but, if I stretch my neck <---- Ear to shoulder, I get a jolt of pain on my right side of my neck, and it lingers for a couple of seconds.

And on my upper trap, very close to my neck, is extremely tender to the touch. The slighest touch hurts it quite a bit and it lingers as well.

It hasn't really improved the whole week. Do you think it's a pinched nerve? It doesn't hurt when I work out, etc. only certain head movements.

I go see a chiro tomorrow, just want some input on what to expect.

since there is no stiffness at all, i feel like it's not a pulled muscle, but it hurts extremely to the slightest touch.