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    Help me destroy Heul

    Heul is having a hard time understanding that their product isn't far from a weight gainer fluff nutrition

    Like eating chipotle to much... You start to realise it doesn't hit you as good nor as well as actual food.

    I made a comeback explaining that an actual active person is better off making oatmeal, egg whites and olive oil with any flavor like chocolate or what have you because it's REAL FOOD

    That their company really isn't different then any other protein shake that it's marketed with a cool logo, catchy name and attractive people. They insist on coming back at me with facts on how it's a complete meal..... ITS FUCKING POWDER. again if chipotle isn't real food and home made rice and chicken just is better.

    If power lifters abs bodybuilders are saying that there's a big difference from generic meats then butcher bought organic meat. How on earth?

    I know better but I'm drowned out by long paragraphs, scientific findings and health terminology. At this point I just want them to admit it's a damn weight gainer. That a weight gainer would do......... The same thing.
    This is for fun yet I am pissed. Could ya help a brother out? Please

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