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    when you look back on it, what is the stupidest question

    you've asked on this board? I know no question is stupid, but if you could take it back what would it be?

    Shit, I think mine was "whats a cc"????

    hell, I might even be quilty of the "drinking Winny" question......

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    I'm not sure, but I think I once asked how long you had to be around before you could start your own thread...i know some discussion boards are ravenous when it comes to ignoring newbie posts and will only investigate threads by members that have contributed elsewhere to discourage the people who come in and ask two questions, get their answers and never contribute again. So maybe it wasn't the worst question.

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    Definantly, "This is my first cycle, I am a newbie, what should I do?" and "What is the rating?" Thought this one was funny, cause I did a search and found a thread with a MOD explaining the entire rating system and why we should do it....LOL!

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    for some real fun - go far back enough to see people's first posts on here 2 yrs ago - some people that are Vets now

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