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    Cool body fat

    hy folks , i have a question ,
    i know the body fat of a young person can be very low , even under the 10 % , can bodyfat from an older (me, 42 year )
    also can be so low , i heard , how older you are , you never could be low on bodyfat % , i started one year ago with 26.9 % , two months ago i have 16 % now in september i have 18 % again
    how can i reduce my fat % again , i'm watching my food , never eat fat at all , so , could it be to do with the age i have ????

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    im not 42 im 31 but my bodyfat is 7% i think to some extent age plays a factor but as long as you watch what you eat you should be able to achieve your goals. Read tobey post in the diet section or PM Billyboy and they will be able to help you out

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    I guess that B/F increases with age because you become more inactive.I know a guy who is in his senior years (60) and his B/F is around 6-7 % and he is still a big guy so you can get the B/F down.I think it depends greatly on the excercise and body type that you are once you determine this you should be able to reduce your B/F.To be honest you have already answered your own ? by dropping it from 26.9 to 16% good going bro!!


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    could be a few things

    1.) as you age your test levels obviuosly decrease.high test levels promote fat loss.clinically proven.end of discussion. BUT..........2.) genetics play a big role.that's why you see those fat fucking babies on Jenny Jones, can be young and have high test levels but if your heredity dicates adipose storage then you have one strike again you. BUT!!!! dispite all this you can overcome genetics(to a decent extent) and try to eat as clean as possible.thats' my view.take it or leave it guys.

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