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    Up-Right and walking ~9days post surgruy!!

    as many of you know, i had posted my apprehension and trepidation in having a 'plattella tendon' performed on my left knee. the knee having sustained a complete tear in my ACL and irreparably damaging 70% of my medial mensicus (i have 30% spread amongst the area.
    the surgeon was great and works on of the LSU football and basketball orthopedic injuries such as torn ligaments/tendons. for that i was luck that my insurance covered him working on me and i, taking the advice of ulter, have him considering prescribing me Oxandrin after i gave him some info as to its protocal in treating wounds and expediating the 'wound-healing process'.

    i feel quite fortunate. my diet consists of whatever i want to eat, but a minimum of 200mg/day of protein, ~300 leg-lifts in good form and range of montion exercises (i start physical therapy monday). he said im healing fast, as fast as any athlete and that i look great. i have gained some control over my quad and am quite happy (heh, im running 2ml/wk of the TT nandro and its only been ~9-10days so its not even taken effect yet

    i apologize for my absence from the board and for not getting back via email to a few people i needed to. thanks for all those past words of encouragement, they meant alot! ive gotta run some errands....i cant drive my vehicle as its a standard so i bought a $450 ghetto-fab car, which has no insurance, proof of registration and switched plates......LOL!!!

    hey, im a college student and, well.....when weavels get into the boxes of mac n' cheese, they get boiled right along with the noodles....heh (no, im not kidding)

    ill be trying to take a more active role in the board as i feel better...........

    if anyone has any comments, suggestions id love to hear them. this is my first of what will probably be a few surguries in my life and im looking at it as a period of growth even as i atrophy from 195 to 192 (its quad.....shit, i just cant oh well, such is life--we take the good with the bad for without times when we are down we may never appreciate those moments we cherish. thats all life is......a series of moments in which we know not what lies in store for us......

    in solidarity,


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    Get Well S00n

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    Hey bro i hop you get better but Im in the same boat as you in a way.Im on temp disibility because of of radition treatment to kill rest of cancer in my throat and cant lift weights work or do shit but i will be returming to work soon so i will be able to do my cycle and live a regualr life, man I cant wait. Get well soon bro

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    I too am recovering from a can be hell thru therapy...starting from scratch ya doin the same with my shoulder..i hope everything goes well and i wish you the best my friend

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    I wish you the best. I've been there and never want to go back. Just a little tip: AS helps alot when recovering

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    Here's top a speedy recovery--best wishes.

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    you were missed brother, and i'm glad to have you back. also good to hear you say you're feeling better. good luck with the future surgeries, and of course dont be afaid to post, post post................hehe.

    peace bb79

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    Unity 66

    Good to see you on the road to recovery. Please do post and post more often in the open forums.

    peace bro,

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