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    T3/clen After Pct

    Hey guys I need some help with a T3/CLEN cycle. I am currently finishing off:
    wk 1-3 dbol at 30mg ED
    wk1-10 deca 400mg a wk
    wk 1-12 sus 500mg a wk

    I am planning on doing a proper PCT starting 2 weeks after my last shot. My questions are; how long should I wait till I start T3/Clen? I know that T3 is catabolic, and therefore you need to use AAS while on it. I ve read that it is good to use some test while on T3, but the rule of thumb is time on=time off. If I go by this, then summer will be over by time I can use test. I want to be ripped for the summer. So my next question is what do you guys recommend I use while on T3/clen. I currently have 100 pills of anavar 20mg, but I have access to pretty much anything. I heard primo,masternon,anavar and winny would be good choices since they don't shut you down(correct if Im wrong guys). Can you guys recommend what to use and at what dose. My stats currently are in wk 11: 6'3 250 BF%16-18 maybe higher. Goal is to get as lean as possible without loosing too much muscle. And yes I know that cardio and diet has to be in check. Thanks for all the help.

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    Time Off = Time On + PCT...

    Var for example, will in fact shut you down, and will require PCT...

    Personally, I don't think that I would ever run T3 during PCT...

    You can run clen though... I see nothing wrong with that, although I'll never touch the compound myself.

    If it were me, I would get ensure my diet and cardio were in check (as you mentioned) and run a homemade thermo..... cheap and effective.

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