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    Very Interesting Doctors Visit

    at the university of pennsylvania, no doubt a top hospital in the world. i had an appointment with my regular doctor and an endocrinoligst. i learned some very interesting things. 1. tapering is absolutely essential. while itmay only have little effect on your endocrine systems recovery, it has a HUGE and direct effect on your immune system. it needs time to build back up and tapering gives it that. 2. 3-1% of high school students have used steroids . 3. 1 out of 15 inner city teens have HIV and donot know it. 4. marjuana is treated by your system as an estrognand lowers your test levels and extreme dosages, for extended period of time to sensitive people, can cause gyno!!!!!! weed i not for the serious bodybuilder (im gonna have trouble stopping!). 5. just because our "postcycle recovery" with clomid o hcg etc, returns our "functions" doesnt not mean our natural hormone production is 100% returned, it takes far longer to get back to normal. now before people stating tellng me "this is old news" or "your wrong" left and right, im sorry but this were all news to me. id also like to point out, both doctors said the risk with roids if used correctly, are minimal, but still existent (there are many ways you can die, exploded blood vessel, etc) and in neither doctors eyes are worth it, but they do not frown upon it and are acepting of it, also, both doctors advocated INFREQUENT (6 times a year tops) weed smoking to keep a hormonal balance. i didnt even bring up weed, THEY did, crazy huh? i hope somebody learned something new.

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    Interesting factoids - and quite accurate.

    Not to mention that you must have gotten one hell of a workout merely by going to HUP - unless your physicians are located in the hotel next to the hospital (which has several medical offices), you bhave to walk a mile to get to any of the doctors' offices there.

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    I personaly think tapering is all BS, most AS are self tapering because of their half lifes...stop cold turkey and recover as quickly as you can...and if you want to strengthen you immune system, taking extra glutamine and mutli-vitamins (especially the purple Flingstones) my opinion mast doctors and even endocrinoligsts know very little about the real world steroid use ...other then that some good points...XXL

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