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Thread: SUSTANON help

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    SUSTANON help

    I am on my first real cycle of sust and basically my first real cycle ever. I did a couple shots of sust with some dbol a while back but the whole thing didnít last more than a couple of weeks for some reasons. Anyways I have stated over and am having some issues is analyzing my results at this point.
    Right now, I am three weeks into my new sust only cycle. I front loaded with a daily dose of 250 per day for five days followed by 250ml EOD for another five days. Since then I have been using ETD at 250ml. I thought I would be seeing more results in third week , compared to my second, but I am seeing less. I went from 185 to 195 in my first 10 days. I weighed 191 today and my face is noticeably less bloated. The latter could be a good thing however I always thought of the bloat as an over hand in hand thing with the anabolic effect to an extent.
    My goal was to gain hit ATLEAST 210 while raising by body fat by only 3% or so. I started at 6-7%, (summer cut). I have been about 200 at around 11% so my goals seemed reasonable. Because of this I actually held hoped in the back of my head that I could hit 220, however I only keep my hopes so high for that.
    FYI: My diet went from a cut to a bulk as I started my shots.

    Have my gains tapered or are they not going to hit me for a couple of weeks regardless of my frontload?

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    i think you would be seeing more gradual gains by now

    how long is your cycle supposed to be?

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    Sus takes awhile to see noticeable gains. I think it's 5 weeks. So wait it out another 2 weeks or so and see how it goes.

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    Thats a very small frontload. I dont think it will speed things up much for you. Just be patient. Most feel it about week 4-5 and talk about noticable gains by week 7

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