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    Cruise or PCT followed by time off

    Just done the show time and diet etc and halfway through a rebound due to end mid June followed by 4-5 weeks PCT which leads up to a summer time and a holiday in August, holiday/2nd honeymoon. ( Usually diet a bit for a holiday ).
    Also considering doing a show in October. So the question is, is it worth doing PCT followed by a short time off during the summer.
    Or as an alternative, best to capitalise gains even further and do a cruise up until start of show prep???

    What would be the health considerations of this?
    Shut down not to much of a concern as defp having no more kids.

    I guess this is a question in general too as opposed to an individual situation

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    thsi question is too general, it all depends on goals of individual and how they currently perceive thier body

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