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    Question qustion about,insulin.....

    guys, what is the proper dosage for insulin ?????and how long should i go on for.
    will it also put on fat, or just it hits your muscles????
    i'm on my cycle of anadrol , testex, deca ,aremidex, injectable clen , and soon switching to finabol, primo, dbol .
    my stats 6.1, 218lb, 10%bodyfat.

    thanx to all

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    its not as easy as that bro. you need to do alot of research on this one before you proceed. there is a good read in the "hot topics for discussion" section, on slin, i think its still there, if not, let me know and i will send it to you. its mandatory to have your meal times down to a point, the amount of carbs you need, what type of carbs, dosages, the type of slin to use. also do a web search on hypoglycemia, read all you can on that. take some time to figure out what its all about before you risk your life with slin.

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    Mike Guest
    Hey Vin -

    Yeah they're right - slin is great but it takes a good amount of knowledge and preperation. You can hurt yourself pretty easily. There is no 'proper dosage' as there are different types of slin and depending on your normal insulin and blood glucose levels your doses will be slightly different than others. But you WILL need to taper into it and you will want to start with morning doses before food etc - there is a post in the Hot Topics section - read up there then come back here with any questions

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