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Thread: Combatting Gyno

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    Combatting Gyno

    Please help me clear this up, seem to be getting conflicting info.
    I am currently running a cycle of Primo and Sust. Not sure that I have a preposition for gyno, I can hold water at times but not too excessively.
    After reserch have concluded that post cycle I should use HCG first followed by Clomid for around 5-10days.
    I have Nolvadex on hand in case of signs of gyno.
    Is this the 'safe bet' a friend at the gym said i should run Nolvadex throughoput cycle
    Please help

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    Hey bro imo u wouldnt need hcg for that cycle. And yes running 20mgs of Nolv throughout ur cycle isnt a bad idea. I did. Then 3 weeks after last test shot u can take clomid.


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    you could run noval throughout your cycle better safe then sorry. i would say run arimidex .5MG ED throughout cycle, but if water retention is minimal for you i would just hold off on the noval and only use in case of signs of gyno appear. how long is your cycle?? i really don't think you will need HCG for this one bro. just clomid therapy starting 3 weeks after your last shot of sust

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    arim did NAD for me. nol worked wonders for me regardless ifyou run arim/liq, ALWAYS have nolva. i almost learnd the hard way.

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