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    test c

    I am a super newb at this stuff, my friend is getting me into this, and I am really for it. he has test cypionate 100/200, supposignly its recommended to take 100 every other week.

    has anyone ever gone through this or heard of this. If u wanna know my stats here...

    225lbs I used to be 265 five months ago, lots of excersise to get here
    about 19%bf

    I have some tonage, i have endure lots of training, used to be in USN.

    Some one please shed some light on this crap. I trid to search, but when I look they are super old threads or not exactly what im looking for , also want to see pics with this stuff, after a full cycle.

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    welcome. I've used plenty of test cyp, but I have no idea what the 100/200 is supposed to mean. regardless I shoot cyp twice a week, and if he means 100mg every other week that would not be worth using. the average male produces the equivalent of approximately 7mg/day of test. that's 49mg/week, 98mg every two weeks. so you would be taking a compound that shuts down your natural test production and replacing it with about the same dose you produce naturally.
    I feel bf should be below 15% before cycling anyway.
    do you have a pct planned?

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    whats your age bro? dont get into the bullcrap about 100mg EOW.....stick to the board a lot....and learn. seriously, if you look around itll shed light on every question you have. you need to tell your friend that he is out of his mind and needs to get new gear and take 500mg weekly. im on test cyp right now and inject 250mg every 3.5 days. sh1t works wonders for me. also get your Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) planned out. if you have questions about PCT post a new thread. we are here to help. good luck!

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    ^^^good information right there, your friend my not now what he is talking about and you dont want to f***up you first cycle and get a bad tast for it. Read and learn don't make the mistakes that I have in the past.. Also you really need to drop your body % before using..19% if kinda high. you will put on the muscle but it will be under the fat, sorry but it is will look so much better when you are down between 10% and 12%...time is on your side...

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    im 23, so u say increase dosage or take more frequently

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    they mean both.

    inject twice a week.

    250mg each injection.

    WAY more research is needed. you're completely off base, in your knowledge of anabolic steroids / that advice your friend gave is terrible!!

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