Been superfit most of my life so far. Took a 2.5 year break which now regret.
Worked out solidly last 6 months. Muscle tone coming good. lost most of excess
fat back to approx 12%. Fat gone from everywhere but chest, Outer and Lower.
Always had pre-disposition for pseudo-gyno, but never been a problem until
now, as always been lean and well toned.
Have blitzed my chest from every angle and just will not budge.
On a limited supply of Sustanon 250 and 100 ampoules. They are helping, but
not with the pseudo-gyno. Had some blood tests which show:-
Lower than normal testosterone except during Sustanon peaks. .. AND
Slightly elevated estrogen during the troughs.
Any suggestions as to correct medication cycle to correct this, especially
rid me of the chest fat, would be greatly appreciated.