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Thread: Cutting advice

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    Cutting advice

    I'm about to start a cutting cycle with Winny & Eq. I'll be doing cardio 3 times a week in the morning, my carb intake will also be lowered. What i want to know is are Thermogenic Fat burners close to as effective as using a ECA combination. The problem is that i'm unable to obtain ECA tabs here in South Africa (although i can get ephidrine) I've thought of trying to make up my own ECA capsules,but i don't have a clue as to measure the proper quantities of the 3 substances which make up ECA. The Fat burner i had in mind is by SportsPharma called Thermadrene

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    Can you get hold of ephadrine? If so you require 25mg of Ephadrine 200mg of Caffine and 300mg of Aspirn, you can take these items separately, they do not to be in the ready made capsules found in OTC fatburners.

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    Bro, see if your source can get you clen . It's just like the ECA stack, only stronger.

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