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    In need of help!

    Wrong place for this post i know and im sorry for this but i really need help and this forum has most posts.
    I've been into BB for a while know. Never... Never taken drugs of any kind except for Kreatin.. don't know if there's a english word for it
    My bodyweight exploded from 58 to present 65. But this didn't hapend without consequenses. Huge, wide and red skin tares between my bi's and peccs. Just above my armpit. I've heard many peoples oppinions but they all end with "i don't know" ... now i was wondering if any of you guys out there could help me out.. I take Zinc and E-vitamins everyday and use skin lotion before i go to the gym (most people recomend this belview it or not)
    But it doesn't work... i don't wanna stop with something i love.. LOVE...
    but i will have to unless i get some help...
    Any suggestions? ANY...

    Almost forgott: This forum ROXX! Thanks for having it!

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    They are called stretch marks bro. Nothin you can doo really. THere is new laser surgery for it. Get a tan. E-oil may work but there is no proven way yet. Post pregnancy women would suck you dry if you invent it.

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