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    what a mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    im trying to get some primo damnn i hope it comes thru anyways since i cant use the winny solo can it be stacked with the primo if so how do i break it down. whats the conversions for the doses frfom mg to ml to cc etc damn so much to learn in order to do it right

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    Sounds like you need to do some research, or click on search.

    But as I'm cleaner than a baby's bottom. i.e. not on test I will give you a breif idea, but please do some research.


    mg refer to the strengh of the steriod in relation to the amount i.e. 50mg per 1cc.

    Keep one thread going rather than starting many as its difficult to remember things like you stats. Post your stats below and your goals, Primo/Winny is an expensive stack and you maybe able to achieve good results with other items.

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    there's a whole conversion chart in the steroid pciture section...

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