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    Cool keeping the fat off help? tren test e clen

    hey i have been using clen for a couple of weeks now but wanting to go back on gear. im thinking of running tren and test-e but im wanting to keep fat and water low. i hold alot of water and body fat anyways. i have been woundering if i run clen and mabye t-3's with the steriod cycle will i still promote my muscle gains but keep the body fat low?
    any help would be appreciated

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    Well tren is a powerful drug.I hope you have did your research on it.Many guys cant handle the sides of tren.With tren you wont need clen .I run tren ace and test eth all the time and love it.I run 300 test 580 tren.I dont need a ai beacuse I dont hold water with tren.Even at higher doses of test.You may want to have some caber or prami on hand.Just in case you have prolactin issues.Start with a low dose of tren 250-300 per week to see how it feels.Use tren ace.That way if you cant handle it.The tren will be out of your system quicker.Good luckBro.

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