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    AI - from beginning of cycle or wait for signs?

    How many of you guys run an AI during cycle even before you see signs of gyno? I know some people run Aromasin regardless, while others may not run anything until they think they need to. I have nolva and clomid on hand, but my Aromasin hasn't yet arrived. My question is, can I pin without having an AI, or do most of you guys run one no matter what. Thanks for the opinions and replies.

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    I run aromasin no matter what. But from experience I already know that I need it.

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    don't use unless you need it.. i have run a couple cycles .. my second was 400mg deca 800mg test and i did not need an AI.. everyone is different.. no need to run a drug you do not need.. plus a little bit of estrogen is a good thing

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