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    Cutting cycle? Ever?

    I've been hearing more talks of cutting now that summer is right around the corner. I have never been one to go on a formal cutting cycle, but that being said, my abdominals are nothing compared to some of you guys. I am just curious how many guys never really go what would be considered a "cutting cycle". I'm about to start my test E first cycle, and I could play it either way based on diet. I am always about gaining more size rather than trying to shred.

    Just curious what some of you guys' goals are looking like now that the warm weather is approaching.

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    well im on a test e cycle and i am pinning hgh and hgh frag i am trying too get shredded for the summer 3 months away it will be here quick guess everyone goals are different though

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    i just started cutting last week for the first time in my life.. not cause summer is coming, because summer doesn't exist in Ireland.. it is always cold and rainy here.. so i will never get the opportunity to take my shirt off.. but i figured that it was time for me to cut.. i think you can cut with out steroids though.. better to bulk on them and just melt some of the fat off later with stepped up cardio and a bit of clen ..

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