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    need Gear

    Hello everyone, I am trying to get back in shape and wanna find some good legit gear to buy. Was wondering if anyone could send me a message and tell me where to find some stuff. Also I have taken a few cycles before this so I am what im doing just need to find hook. thanks and hope this doesnt break the rules. MESSAGE ME dont post where everyone can see. thanks
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    O oh

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    Yes it breaks the rules, maybe you should try reading them???? just a thought, duhh

    Ask again and you can expect to be banned.

    Now try going to the gym 5x a week, learning what to eat, getting your diet in check and you will easily get what you are looking for.

    Try the quick/easy fix; magic pill and expect they typical Jeni in the bottle wish problems. You wont get what you are looking for but you will get a lot more than you are expecting. Try searching for AAS side effects.

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    Lovb You Are Hilarious! Just made my early morning worth it

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    Really? Even if some random person did tell where to go get your gear. You go to some site that has pictures of vials with prices next to them. O MY GOD, your in heaven, you spend a whole bunch of money and chances are you just got burned by the same person that told you to go there. Not a good idea bro.

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    Great frist post. Try reading the rules.

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