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    questions about clenbuterol

    i am 21 6'2 210 about 14% bf i am trying to get very low bodyfat and am considering clenbuterol for this my questions are.will i lose muscle on clen ? can clen make me stronger and increase fat free mass? if i want to be around 5% bf how long should i take it? i am aware clenbuterol is not a steroid and i have never done steroids

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    well u def need oo do some more reasearchin clen is not goin too get you at 5 percent bf lol are you competing is that the reason for the 5 percent i dont no if theres is that low though you want lose muscle on it if your diet is right key word DIET you should head in that direction first

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    Diet and Cardio, thermogenics like clen and t3 can help, but you need to put in the work. Definitely use the search and find some of the good clen or t3 logs on here. There will be lots of info in those.

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    you need to post you stats:

    then you need to do some research by hitting hte search button then come back with answers to your questions ...

    cutting comes from diet not drugs...

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    can anyone help me,,,,i want to try my first cycle,,,, i have 2 bottles of sustanon 250,,,2 bottles deca 300 and 1 bottle trembolone 100 each 10ml.... also clenbuterol ,,t3 and ketotifen,,,any idea how to use all this,,,

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