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    Crazy side effects from Anavar?

    Just started a cycle of anavar , 20mg pills, bottle says Precise Labs. I was on my second day of taking it, only 1 pill per day. The first day I took it I noticed nothing whatsoever. Yesterday, about an hour after taking the pill I was sitting in a chair and all of a sudden got really hot and light headed, started sweating and thought I was going to pass out. My heart was beating like I just ran 5 miles and my hands were shaking and tingling/numb. This lasted for about 5 minutes then went away but over the course of the next hour happened once or twice more but not as intense. It scared the shit out of me and I just wanted to see if anyone had experienced anything similar? The reaction I am explaining is similar to what I experienced a few months ago when I took a pretty big dose of ephedra. Is there something in anavar that could give me this type of reaction or do I maybe have some fake or dirty anavar? Thanks for the help

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    First of welcome to the forum! I think you might have to edit your post.Dont think you can mention lab names in a open forum.As for the Anavar I am in my second wk & been taking 60mgs a day.So far the only sides I got was for the 2 days pains in my stomach.Got much better today.I dont think Anavar gives you that type of sides you are describing.I took ephedra lots of times so I know what you are feeling right now.I could be wrong about the var. Pretty sure a vet could tell you alot more.

    Oyea one more side to mention...awesome pumps I am starting to have!

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    I'm in my 3rd week of taking 100mg of anavar daily. It's a pretty mild compound so sides are minimal. Are you stacking it w/anything? It could be your body reacting to something new, have you cycled before? What are your stats (age, bf, height, weight)?

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    Go see a doctor and don't post on a steroid forum asking for medical advice. What is wrong with you?

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    Sounds like you got some extasy lol

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    Either what you have is not anavar (or any untainted steroid for that matter), or there is something wrong with you. Either way, stop taking it.

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