Hi everybody,

while I am writting these lines I am panicking.

I have just been diagnosed with glucose intolerant. My morning levels are normal but after taking the 75 grams of glucose test, the results showed a mild increase in the sugar levels.

Anyway, it's not a good feeling.

I am completely proactive about the condition and I have already put togerther a complete plan to reverse the condition. Tes, my plan is not to prevent diabetes, but to completely reverse the glucose intolerance.

Long story short, I am confused about my options steriod -wise that will not push me over the edge and into diabetes. For example, one study claims that HGH could be teh next big thing in resolving glucose intolerance and even reversing diabetes. But another study claims to have found that HGH might lower glucose tolerance and even cause diabetes. It seems that these it's too easy conducting and publishing a study that suits you and your company.

Anyway, I am asking for help and advice deciding what roids to use and stay safe having my condition in mind.

Thanks in advance