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    Test dosage with Deca/dbol cycle

    This was my planned cycle:
    Test 500mg/week 12 weeks
    Deca 400mg/week 12 weeks
    dbol 30mg ed 4 weeks

    My question is:
    How much of a difference would only running 250mg of Test E make? Due to an unexpected medical bill I did not have the funds for the complete dosages I needed.


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    mmm could be ok

    if this is first cycle drop the deca just run test...

    test is best..

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    I would always run the test higher then the deca and run the test for 13 weeks that way you go into pct alot quicker.

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    Hi Trev,
    I see you are 20 years old. This board does not approve of aas useage for those under 25. This is, more or less, the age when your hormonal system is fully developed. Starting too young will screw it up, and you will suffer later in life.
    At this stage, we advocate you continue to develop your natural foundation by focusing on your diet and exercise routines.
    We have an excellent diet section, as well as an exercise section. Go there, learn all you can.
    But please refrain from aas until your mid twenties.

    Other than that, welcome to the board!

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