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    Just got blood work results

    Well, now I know my gear is legit.

    I had blood drawn in Week 6.

    250mg x2 ew (testoviron depot) "test > 1500"
    aromasin 12.5mg eod "estradiol 71"

    This is my first cycle and honestly, I dont really feel any different then off cycle. I dont feel the euphoria, the superhuman feeling, libido skyrocketing, or general well being that everyone talks about. The only thing that is different is that I am getting very strong so otherwise I'm pretty happy. Maybe my expectations were too high... I thought I would turn into superman.

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    Test > 1500 is a really good number. That's above the max "normal" range but you still won't turn into superman. As a matter of fact at 27 your body's already producing quite a bit of natural Testosterone . In my experience, I noticed the anabolic affects of Test cycle in about 6 weeks. Testoviron depot is normally Test E. Test E takes 4 weeks to "kick in" so you've really been experiencing the affects of Test for two weeks. Give it time, you'll grow, feel better, get stronger. Just a gut check. AAS is not magic. It just helps achieve your goal.

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