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    Please help me put together a cycle

    33years old
    6'3'' 213lbs.
    approx 12-15%bf

    Experience; both of my cycles i did over 8 years ago so I'm rusty when it comes to the gear. I'm looking to add some lean muscle and lower my body fat.
    2 cycles
    Fina/Win V/Primo

    This is what I have to work with. I understand I can add this that and the other but this is what I have. I might be able to get a little more of what I already have. I don't have PCT on hand but I'm not sure what I need yet. Please help, I will post before pics shortly and I plan on starting July 1 thank you.

    (1)test E, 250mg/ml 10ml
    (2)Primobolon 200, 200mg/ml 10ml
    (1)Winstrol V 100, 100mg/ml 20ml
    (1)T3, 100mcg/ml 30ml

    I was thinking primo 400 wks. 1-10, Winny 50eod wks. 5-10, test E 250 wks. 1-10 and T-3 I'm not sure how to use.

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    Defiling Myself
    Stay simple. Run a 12 week test e cycle of 500 mg per
    Week split in to 2 pins every 3.5 days. Armidex @.25 mg eod. Hcg if you can get.
    Start pct 15 days after last pin.
    Simple easy proven

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