View Poll Results: Epistanes AI ability.

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  • EPI has no significant A.I. effect, and gyno is a risk while taking it.

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  • EPI does have a A.I. effect, but not enough to use as a sole AI while on a aromatizing steroid .

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  • EPI has a strong A.I. effect, and can be used to prevent gyno while on a aromatizing steroid.

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  • EPI has a powerful A.I. effect, and is even strong enough to treat gyno.

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  • I have no experience with EPI

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    Epistanes AI ability.

    Id like to do a poll to get a good read on peoples experience with EPI as a AI,

    Just curious. I have heard people from all sides, some saying they got gyno from EPI and some saying it can treat gyno.
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