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    Thumbs down Thigh injection before an 8 hour drive

    Did a thigh injection last week with Test En about an hour before going for an 8 hour car drive in my little civic. All I got to say that it was a really stupid thing to do. Could barely walk for 2 full days after the fact. Tried taking Tylenol the first day and that didn't work, then took Advil and it worked like a charm.

    Looks like the muscles going into my knee cap swolled right up and were pinching nerves or something. Hurt like hell to walk, sleep or anything. I should have taken Advil right away for the swelling, but didn't even think of it since all I had was tylenol.

    I know thigh injections hurt a bit more than glute ones, but this was a bit too much.

    Guess it was one of those learning experiences that I won't be forgetting too soon. Especially when my girlfriend was wondering what I did to my leg and why I could barelly walk

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    Not good bro, same thing happened to my friend. He said he had to pull over a ton cause his cruise control is broken. Major bummer.

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    Hell ya man. Ive had a couple bad injects just like that... the kind that kept me up all night sweating and cursing at God. Shit.. that was some bad times right there, I remember not being able to walk to the point where I had to piss in my trash can @ night cuz I couldnt walk to the bathroom.

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    wow thats mesed up Mentalism
    I'm nockin on wood and praying not to have to piss in the trash can

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    Once I was in a similar situation. I had injected deca in my thight and next day I drove to Miami from St. pete with my gfriend. After the 3 hour drive I could barely walk and she was asking me what happened to me. I never did in my thight after that day

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    hey bro i feel ya. i bartend at night and am on my feet all night. well last cycle when i did fina and winny it seemed like every night that i worked was a quad shot day. 2 shots in the legs and then off to work and man did they get stiff and sore from standing all night. i would start stretching behind the bar and people would look at me like i was crazy. little did they know i was in some Fuc%in pain.

    this is what helped.

    pre shot-10 min of heating pad to quads
    after shot- 10 min of heating pad, shower, or hot tub
    massage really good
    worked really well

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